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Nepal is governed by the people of one of the poorest countries in the world and has a per capita income is less than 210$/year. Therefore, since our organization dose not receive financial support from government or donor agencies of any kind, we are not able to provide any stipends, scholarships or allowances to participants. Our organization is run on it's program fees and individual donations.

We offer one of the most affordable program fees in this competitive and expensive time. Compared to many international and some local agencies, our fees our substantially lower. But we are committed to providing excellent, quality volunteer programs that efficiently use the amount we receive.

Currently the fee is calculated as follows (in Euros). There is no hidden cost associated with our program and no international agencie fees.

Program Fee
for child care, cultural exchange, teaching School programs, construction
 1-2 weeks 230 
 3 weeks 305 
 4 weeks 380 
 5 weeks 418 
 6 weeks 456 
 7 weeks 493 
 8 weeks 530 
 Each additional week 35 

Program Fee
for monastery and health care
 1-2 weeks 260 
 3 weeks 350 
 4 weeks 450 
 5 weeks 488 
 6 weeks 526 
 7 weeks 564 
 8 weeks 602 
 Each additional week 38 

The program fee covers
1. Meal and accommodation (Nepali standard) with host family during placement and training.
2. Transportation (pick up and drop off to/from airport and placement)
3. Intensive training and orientation appropriate to the length of your stay
4. Stationeries during training and volunteering
5. Supervision
6. First day sight seeing in Kathmandu

The fee does not cover
1. Insurance (medical, travel, personal belongings)
2. Flight or land transportation from your country to Nepal
3. Personal expenses (ie. gift items, beverage, water bottle)
4. Trekking, rafting, other adventure activities
5. Visa renewal and obtaining
6. Other expenses in incidental cases

Where does your money go?
1. Administrative charge- office space rent, telephone, internet, water, electricity, materials, staff stipend, fuel, publicity etc.
2. Host family- Food, accommodation
3. Transportation
4. Project support-
5. Supervision

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