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The mission of our teaching program is to mobilize its volunteers to overcome potential limitations in government and private educational institutes across Nepal. Due to the financial constraints associated with the proposed higher secondary educational system, many schools lack trained teachers and educational materials. Hands for Help Nepal deploys its volunteers to schools in need in an effort to enhance the overall level of education provided to Nepali children.

Focus on English Education in the Classroom: Hands for Help Nepal aims to play an important role in the development of English education because English is an internationally spoken language. It is therefore a critical skill for Nepali people. Due to the lack of experienced/skilled/trained/native English teachers, students in schools nation-wide face a dilemma regarding the proper pronunciation, intonation, and grammar required to speak and write English. Volunteer teachers will be placed in schools where they can serve, not only as classroom teachers, but also as advisors and facilitators for Nepali teachers who are teaching English.

Additional Subject-Related Education: Volunteers who are interested in teaching in subject areas other than English may do so if they are placed at a private school, where all subjects (except Nepali) are taught in English. These might include math, science, environment, computers, geography, social studies, or vocational subjects.

Extra curricular Activities: Beyond classroom education, physical and mental activities also play a vital role in the overall development of students. Thus, we also make necessary arrangements for skilled teachers to provide training in sports, music, dance, art and so forth. Volunteers have the opportunity to create or coordinate additional after-school programs, events, or activities in conjunction with their local community partnerís interests and needs.

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