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The mission of the Hands for Help Health program is to mobilize its volunteers in health posts, sub-health posts and health clinics. Volunteer are placed in either an urban or rural setting, providing primary care to locals in their specialty. Moreover, if volunteers have doubts about whether their skills and talents are really needed in this part of the world, consider this: The doctor-patient ratio in Nepal is about 1 to 36,000.Particularly in rural areas, where much of the local people live, there is a desperate, chronic shortage of medical personnel and supplies. Volunteersí activities will include things like exploring different treatments for simple ailments, providing physical therapy, and participating in vaccination programs. Of all of our programs, we are perhaps most proud of this program and the invaluable contributions of independent-minded volunteers. Volunteers will help to relieve the suffering of others, playing a critical role in the villages and towns where volunteers serve. Due to the lack of proper education and traditional (orthodox) thinking, the childbirth and death rate as well as unsecured pregnancy have created havoc among mothers. In order to solve these problems, the skilled volunteers from this organization will run various programs related to the health posts and hospitals and provide consultancy services.

Eligibility: interested Volunteers in Health Care and first aid program must be a doctor, nurse, medical student, or hospital employee and must demonstrate an appropriate level of training and experience in the medical field. All applicants should have: a desire to help the rural people of Nepal, flexibility, self-motivation, and openness to a new culture and a willingness to learn.

Orientation: To better prepare volunteers and to make their experience more enjoyable, each volunteer placement. The orientation duration is managed according to the length of volunteering duration; one month volunteer will receive about five days. In the orientation phase volunteer will receive some medical classes that will be helpful to deal with their Job in the placements. This orientation provides volunteers with hands-on cultural learning through a home stay in a rural ethnic minority community and participation in various cultural activities. This is a fun and effective way for volunteers to adjust to a new environment before volunteering begins. The orientation class is held in capitol city of Kathmandu.

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