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There is no proper waste management system in community Health posts. A health post, in a month, can produce tens of kilos medical waste including sharp needles, empty bottles, cotton, bandages, syringes, etc. Most of the health posts deposit waste materials in either an open ditch or in open fields nearby. Unmanaged medical waste brings many problems; children play with it and domestic animals eat it. In the rainy season flood transports it to cultivated land, where farmers are exposed to the potentially harmful waste materials. To alleviate this problem, Hands for Help Nepal has fixed an incinerator in Alapot Health post with the help of our health volunteers Nikki Armstrong and Chris Jails.

This incinerator's efficiency is very high and is cetified by the UNDP standard to prevent environmental degradation. It is also made of zinc, an inexpensive yet effective material which makes it a viable option in Nepal. We are planning to provide more incinerators to other Health posts as well. This is an example of just one of the community costruction programs we offer. This program is an excellent choice for volunteers who are very interested in physical work.

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