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This program gives you opportunities to explore the rich cultural diversity of Nepal. Nepal's vast diversity of people, rich culture & art as well as distinctive architecture, makes it ideal as an amazing & interesting destination for exploration. Nepal is claimed to be one of the best exploring destinations with all its varied language, tradition & unique hospitality of the people inhabited in the countryside. Hinduism & Buddhism are the two principal religions of Nepal along with other several religions followed by the people from different ethnic groups. Nepal, therefore, is known as a multi-religious country which is home to temples, stupas & monasteries in uncountable numbers with varieties of God & Goddesses, depicting the deep faith of the people. Apart from this, Nepal offers much for prospective participants: The amazing & magnificent sight of the Himalayas, a diversity of beautiful landscapes all beyond human imagination. Nepal is also widely known throughout the world, as being the birthplace of Buddha ('Light of Asia') and is a source of pride for many Nepali people. Hundreds of ethnic groups and indigenous tribes can be found here.

This program is ideal for people who would like to experience the real Nepal, it's traditions and people. Moreover this program helps students who are looking for betterment of their academic qualification in future. Itís a worthwhile opportunity to learn and experience something on the spot. This program provides the opportunities to learn a different cultureís languages, livelihood, tradition and more.

Volunteer will be placed at host families who are experienced in providing hospitable service to the guests in a friendly manner. Our host families have been providing this service for decades. In this program volunteer will have a wonderful time exploring Nepal's beautiful landscape and culture.

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